As a manufacturer of pressure equipment, we have specialized in the manufacturing 
of pressure silencers. Currently, more than 1,000 silencers are produced per year.

Our competencies are:

  • Manufacturing out of C-Stahl or stainless steel in accordance with the Pressure 
    Equipment Directive / AD2000
  • Creation of drawings, parts lists, and calculations
  • Restamping authorization for pressure vessel plates
  • Creation of documentation for welding and testing
  • Non-destructive testing (ultrasound, x-ray, dye penetration process)
  • Contact partner and material procurement in Germany, manual manufacturing 
    (welding, sandblasting, painting) at the subsidiary ATS in Poland


Anlagentechnik Luhden GmbH

Hainekamp 2
D-31711 Luhden

Telephone: +49 5722 99219-0
Fax: +49 5722 81801




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