ATL Poland Anlagentechnik Luhden in Tworog near Kattowize (Poland) exists since the year 2000 and is a wholly owned 
subsidiary of ATL with a production area of 3000 m².

ATL Poland employs 60 employees and manufactures parts for general mechanical engineering, modules for compressors, 
and road construction machines. ATL Poland is a certified manufacturer of pressure vessels in accordance with AD 2000.




CNC-milling x=1,000 y=600 z=500 mm



Container turning device



CNC-turning d=420 x 1,000 mm



Automated saw and band saw



Container turning device



Assembly areas



Anlagentechnik Luhden GmbH

Hainekamp 2
D-31711 Luhden

Telephone: +49 5722 99219-0
Fax: +49 5722 81801




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